The GT-PX SeriesImg_2359-1

Using PuronOzone Safe Refrigerant, the GT-PX is a break through in efficiency – providing you with the greatest energy savings of any space conditioning system and unprecedented environmental protection at the same time.

The GT-PX with two-stage compressor and variable speed fan offers the latest in geothermal heat pump technology.

The GT-PX is so sophisticated it automatically adjusts itself to provide the optimum, consistent indoor air temperatures regardless of the weather extremes.

Advanced Two-Stage Technology allows the GT-PX to operate at the most efficient level for all weather conditions.

The GT-PX has some of the industry’s highest efficiency ratings.

Advanced two-stage design allows the GT-PX to “match” performance to meet all weather conditions:

On those cold winter days the second stage automatically engages when needed to keep your home warm and comfortable.Img_2362-1

  • During the hottest months the second stage automatically engages when needed to provide additional cooling.
  • In mild spring and fall months only the first stage is needed to provide optimum indoor comfort.
  • Ninety percent of the year the GT-PX runs on first stage. The second stage kicks in automatically only when needed in the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Using an electronic variable-speed fan motor, the GT-PX assures you of high comfort, maximum efficiency, superior dehumidification, and low utility bills.

The energy-efficiency criteria for geothermal heat pumps to qualify for the Energy Star program requires an EER rating of 14.1 (closed loop systems) or 16.2 (open loop systems).

The GT-PX has a EER rating of 27 – showing that not all Energy Star qualified systems are equal.

GT-PX. One of the most energy efficient space conditioning system available from any manufacturer, anywhereGeothermal on the planet.